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Air-Pot container replica

Air-Pot container replica



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Air-Pot container replica description

Air-Pot containers get the best out of all plants because they develop a remarkable root system. And vigorous roots support healthy and prolific plants.

Like many clever tools, it is actually very simple – the Air-Pot ‘air-prunes’ roots and this constant pruning prevents any root circling and promotes the growth of more and more feeder roots. It is these fine, fibrous roots which use all the available water and food very efficiently, to help develop great top growth and excellent fruit.

But good roots can only develop in healthy soil/compost - soil that is alive.
Air-Pot containers also allow more air and better drainage than in any other container, another vital element that makes Air-Pot grown plants much healthier and happier

Height: Diameter: Liter:
10cm 15cm 1L
15cm 15cm 3L
20cm 20cm 6L
20cm 25cm 10L
35cm 30cm 25L
30cm 25cm 15L


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