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Osram NAV-T Super 4Y

Lamp survival factor: 95 % after 16,000 h burning time Average lifetime: up to 36,000 h Lamp maintenance factor: ≥ 80 % after 16,000 h burning time (according to DIN 13201) Service ...

8 490.-Ft
Osram Plantastar HPS

  Average lifetime: 12,000 h Provides light for the photosynthesis in plants Photon flux: > 90 % after 12,000 h High-pressure sodium lamp especially for greenhouse ...

9 890.-Ft
Can-Fan MAX-Fan Pro EC ventilator

Max Fan Pro Series with EC technology is a turbine or mixed flow fan with the highest aerodynamic efficiency and the best energy consumption level due to the new EC technology motor, together with ...

159 990.-Ft
SANlight T connector for SANlight LED Q series

Suitable for SANlight Q6W and SANlight Q4W Switching lights of the Q-series of SANlight LED in series Possible distance from lamp to lamp = 40cm Dimensions: 5.5cm x 3.5cm

1 590.-Ft
SANlight Power Supply Q-Serie, 2,1m

This SANlight power cable connects the SANlight Q4W as well as the SANlight Q6W to the power grid. The cable has a length of 2.1 metres.

3 850.-Ft
Milwaukee PH51 pH meter

These instruments are designed for all applications. Its’ IP65 Waterproof casing and double junction (for pH) replaceable electrode make them suitable also for heavy duty applications, such as ...

10 490.-Ft
SANlight Q4W / Q6W Highly efficient LED grow light for grow tent

Developed from all the experience gathered by SANlight in recent years, the Q6W light combines all the benefits SANlight has come to offer with new features that make it more convenient and ...

159 990.-Ft
Milwaukee C66 EC digital meter

The C66 is a conductivity IP65 waterproof tester, specifically designed for the hydroponics and Agricultural markets, with automatic temperature compensation and 1 point manual calibration. The ...

10 490.-Ft
Green Force Plug&Play ballast 600W

Works perfectly with MH and HPS lamps. Benefits: Low power consumption, Quiet running, Low magnetic leakage and low raise temperature. Explosion proof capacitor Long Distance ...

17 990.-Ft
Monkey Fan 23 cm

  Premium quality Belgian fan, which is mainly offered in growboxes. Under the compact size, outstanding performance is shaky.   It can be used in any Secret Jardin tent, and it is ...

9 990.-Ft
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