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SANlight Distribution Block

only compatible with Q-Series generation 2  H distribution block is necessary to put more than one lamp to one AC socket.

4 450.-Ft
Lumatek Attis (ATS) Grow LED

Why LED?   Benefits include energy savings; Lumatek LED solutions demonstrate the potential to save 40% on electricity and studies indicate that LED-lit canopies can generate more yield ...

125 650.-Ft
Can-Inline Carbon Filter

Can-Inline Not every workspace has room for a filter. The Can-Inline is a great solution in this case, one of the other applications for the Can-Inline is using it as a second filter. This way you ...

24 990.-Ft
CAN-Lite Carbon Filter (plastic)

The CF Group was incorporated in 2000 as a North American Manufacturing and Distribution company. The CF Group has proudly placed our trusted name in air filtration on the new series of filters. ...

11 950.-Ft
Hesi Pro-Line Phosphor

EC FERTILIZER NPK 0 - 10.6 - 8.1 For the flowering period Dosage: 20 ml / 10 l (1 liter is enough for 500 liters of water.) Recommended fertilizers for HESI Phosphor: Hesi Pro-Line Bloom

2 740.-Ft
Electronic Trimmer Table

The table trimmer is one of the best electric Harvest machine on the market for its quality value for money. Save you time and effort with this handy work tool. It is very easy to use. Simply bring ...

159 990.-Ft
Urban Garden SPY LED (Full Spectrum)

A high-performance, full-cycle top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation, with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. It was designed for ...

259 000.-Ft
Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector

The Lumatek Tekken Pro DE is a premium professional grade reflector designed specifically for grow room and grow tent use. The closed end design is vented to allow heat dissipation and focuses the ...

56 990.-Ft
SANlight M-Dimmer Q-Serie Gen2

4 different power levels (100%, 80%, 60% and 40% of the nominal power of the light) can be set the currently set poweris displayed via 3 green leds.

9 990.-Ft
Lumatek Controllable Ballast

Lumatek Controllable Ballast 600W The Lumatek Controllable Ballast 600W provides a stable precise voltage to the lamp creating a higher PAR/PPF output and yet is far more energy efficient than ...

59 990.-Ft
Lumatek CMH 630 W

Lumatek 630W Double-Ended (DE) Ceramic Metal Halide (also known as CMH/CDM/LEC) lamps are available in 4200K Daylight and 3100K Agro CCT formats.

49 990.-Ft
Lumatek CMH 315 W

Lumatek 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (also known as CMH/CDM/LEC) lamps are available in 4200K Daylight and 3100K Agro formats.

39 990.-Ft
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