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5-stage osmosis filter (pH, EC control)

During osmosis filtration, water molecules flow from the higher concentration water to the cleaner water due to the osmotic pressure on a semi-permeable membrane (0.0001 micron). This results in ...

49 990.-Ft
Secret shaker

The Secret shaker is a simple and cost-effective way to prepare dry extractions. Its internal sieve separates the resin glands from the plant material, depositing a fine layer of resin on the lower ...

3 990.-Ft
ADWA pH measuringprobe (for AD11 / AD12)

The ADWA pH measuringprobe (for AD11 / AD12) is a replaceable electrode / probe to help eliminate erroneous values. In crop production, reliable values ​​are needed to determine the exact pH and ...

7 971.-Ft
GSE heating switch and timer

The GSE heating switch and timer is a well designed contactor based control system for up to 4 x 600W inductive loads controlled by certified and patented GSE electronics. Includes daily timer with ...

28 990.-Ft
GSE temperature and minimum speed controller

The GSE temperature and minimum speed controller is an excellent solution for ventilated rooms with one or more exhaust fans. It keeps the temperature of the room constant and prevents it from ...

24 990.-Ft
Prima klima EC fan (with temperature control)

The Prima klima EC fan (with temperature control) is an extremely efficient in-line pipe fan with a powerful motor, with particularly low energy consumption thanks to EC technology. Main ...

109 990.-Ft
Jiffy peat tile 8x8 cm (with drainage hole)

The Jiffy peat tile 8x8 cm (with drainage hole) reduces the shock caused by transplanting, ideal for planting directly in the ground or in another pot. An environmentally conscious planting solution, ...

Secret Jardin TNoled

Secret Jardin TNoled is a complete LED lighting kit for plants with medium intensity light requirements. It is durable and hard-wearing, with low energy consumption, optimized spectral effects and ...

27 590.-Ft
Square tile 9x9x10 cm

The Square tile 9x9x10 cm is a square pot that can be used for planting seedlings. Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 10 cm. There are 50 tiles in one package.

ONA Block dispenser

The ONA Block dispenser is an extremely effective odor neutralizer. It ventilates the smell of the ONA block placed in the dispenser into the air. Main characteristics adjustable cycle: ...

6 990.-Ft
Cornwall Electronics clip oscillating fan

The Cornwall Electronics clip oscillating fan is the perfect solution for ventilating growboxes. It is equipped with a quality fastener, which can be used to clip it to the aluminum bars of the ...

8 300.-Ft
Bluelab connect stick 2

With Bluelab connect stick 2, you can improve crop performance and reduce errors. With data and remote monitoring, you can monitor your crops – even while on vacation. To connect, you need to ...

62 390.-Ft
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