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ADWA AD100 digital pH meter

ADWA AD100 digital pH meter

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13 500.-Ft

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Product code: GRO2086 Warranty: According to law, price band* Videó: Adwa AD100 pH calibration

ADWA AD100 digital pH meter description

The ADWA AD100 digital pH meter is a microprocessor-controlled pH measuring instrument characterized by speed, precision and reliability. It has automatic temperature compensation and a battery life of 250 hours. Accessories: the measuring electrode of the AD 100 pH meter is in protective packaging, which includes 4 1.5 volt batteries.The product is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Main features

  • measuring range: -2.0 - 16.0 pH
  • accuracy: ±0.1PH
  • resolution: 0.01pH 0.1°C / 0.1°F
  • operating temperature: 0 - 50°C; RH 95%
  • power supply: 4 x 1.5V, approx. 250 hours
  • dimensions: 173 x 41 x 22 mm
  • weight: 150g

Switch on the device using the ON/OFF button, remove the protective packaging of the electrode and place it in the liquid you want to test (observe the maximum immersion level). After the values stabilize, you can read the pH value and the temperature value. After use, turn off the device using the ON/OFF button, clean the electrodes and put them in the protective case with a few drops of distilled water. Battery replacement - if the "Eb" symbol appears on the screen, it is necessary to replace the battery. The device must be recalibrated if the electrode has not been used for a long time or if we want maximum accurate results.


Never immerse the probe in highly concentrated acid or alkali! (E.g. undiluted pH minus liquid)
Never use the device to test hot liquids, as this can damage the probe!
A possible bubble in the probe can also be caused if the probe has been exposed to high temperatures. The air bubble itself does not cause a problem, because it rises up during measurement, so it stays away from the sensor part.


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