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Spektra Master Full spectrum LED

Spektra Master Full spectrum LED

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259 000.-Ft

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Spektra Master Full spectrum LED description

The Spektra Master Full spectrum LED is a high efficiency, full spectrum horticultural LED with 6 light strips. It offers an excellent full spectrum for all life cycles (growth and flowering stages) and, as it is designed for use in climate-controlled greenhouses or grow rooms, it provides the best light transmission for plants. Its natural light makes it easy to closely monitor the health of the plants. It can also be used in humid environments, as the LED luminaire is IP66 rated.

  Spektra Master 720W
Input power 720 W
PPF 2016 mmol/s
Input voltage 220 - 277V
Voltage 120V / 208V / 240V / 288V
Amper 5,76A / 3,32A / 2,88A / 2,50A
Efficiency 2,8 mmol/J
LED diods 2328 Sanan chip
Crop area coverage 180 x 180 cm
Lifetime > 54.000 h
Light distribution 120°
Dimmability 0 - 25 - 40 - 60 - 80 - 100%
Weight 12,55 kg
Dimensions 119,5 x 110,8 x 6,7 cm 
Spectrum full spectrum
Optimal temperature 20 - 30 C°
Installation height 15 cm (above the plant)

Assembly and installation of the LED luminaire may only be carried out by a certified electrician in accordance with local laws and regulations. The installer is responsible for proper and safe commissioning. Ensure that the local power supply supports the voltage and power requirements of the LED. Avoid tangled wires and keep power cords separate. This prevents electromagnetic interference. Do not connect or disconnect the LED luminaire under load.

Spektra Master Full spectrum LED reviews

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