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Adjust A Wings Hellion Full Spectrum LED

Adjust A Wings Hellion Full Spectrum LED


429 499.-Ft

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Product code: GRO3703 Warranty: According to law, price band* User manual (english) Manufacturer's website

Adjust A Wings Hellion Full Spectrum LED description

Adjust A Wings Hellion Full Spectrum LED provides excellent horticultural light quality, its main attribute is system efficiency and spectral adjustability. The luminaires contain 3K + 5K white diodes with 660 nm red color, so they can produce a full spectrum with a rich baseline. It ensures increased photosynthesis and promotes a better quality (color, smell and taste) crop. Its use helps the transmission of photons towards the canopy with a more precise, focused and radiant intensity. By imitating natural, seasonal light, plants can develop more efficiently indoors, move harmoniously and gradually, with minimal stress, from one life cycle phase to another. All this results in a significant improvement in crop yield and crop quality.

Its three channels are controlled via VEG, BLOOM and UV diodes - for spectral diversity and control, so plants can grow denser, more disease-resistant shoots. The VEG channel is full-spectrum, rich blue, BLOOM is also full-spectrum, rich red + far red, and UV provides UVA + near blue for a delicious finish.

  250 W 510 W 700 W 1000 W
Channels VEG
Bars 4 sáv 6 sáv 8 sáv 10 sáv

Samsung LM301H - 3000K + 5000K
Osram 660+730
Seoul 395nm

IP protection

Drivers: IP67
LED Bars: IP65
Driver Housing: IP20


620 µmolls
PPE 2.50 µmolls

1325 µmolls
PPE 2.60 µmolls
1850 µmolls
PPE 2.65 µmolls
2700 µmolls
PPE 2.70 µmolls

650 µmolls
BPE 2.60 µmolls

1375 µmolls
BPE 2.70 µmolls
1925 µmolls
BPE 2.75 µmolls
2800 µmolls
BPE 2.80 µmolls
Input voltage 100-265 VAC - 50 / 60 Hz
Input current 2.5 - 0.94 A 5.1 - 1.92 A 7 - 2.65 A 10 - 3.78 A
Power input 250 W 510 W 700 W 1000 W
Dimensions 540 mm x 540 mm x 106 mm 840 mm x 840 mm x 106 mm 1120 mm x 1120 mm x 106 mm 1120 mm x 1120 mm x 106 mm
Weight 7 kg 11 kg 16 kg 19 kg

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