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Superpro Hydroponics Carbon-B1
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Superpro Hydroponics Carbon-B1

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Superpro Hydroponics Carbon-B1 description


The CARBON-B1 is a CO2 PPM controller. Once the unit is connected to a power source, and a CO2 device is connected to the front power outlet, the CO2 device will be automatically controlled by the settings on the CARBON-B1. The user can select the CO2 PPM level setting, and the deadband setting. The CO2 will be automatically switched OFF at night by the built-in photocell. The adjustment knobs make it easy to adjust the CO2 settings and provide a quick visual verification of the current set-points. The yellow, green and red LEDs on the front of the unit will turn ON and OFF to show the user the current conditions of the BCC-1 as well as to give the user the current PPM reading +/-50 PPM. 

NOTE: This unit is water-resistant however…
Plug the unit into a standard NEMA 5-15 wall outlet. A 120 volt power supply is required. The sensor probe has a remote cable to allow it to be placed at plant height, secure it to a wall. Ensure that the CO2 device being connected to the BCC-1 has the proper voltage and will not exceed the maximum amperage rating of this unit. Connect the CO2 device to be controller into the power outlet on the front of the unit. Reading CO2 levels Once the unit is warmed up (after about 5-minutes), the Red x1k LED and the yellow x100 LED will begin to flash. The number of times the Red LED flashes indicates the thousands of PPM, the Yellow LED flashes indicate the hundreds. So if the Red LED flashes one time, and the yellow LED flashes 3 times, the CO2 PPM reading is between 1300 and 1400 PPM.

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