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Secret Jardin Reflector for Propagator TNeon neon lamp

For the Secret Jardin Reflector propagator, TNeon fluorescent lamps are specifically designed for small spaces. The bulb is available separately, you can choose from 2 colors of TCL neon ...

2 490.-Ft
Sylvania REPTISTAR T8 UVB fluorescent lamp

The Sylvania REPTISTAR T8 UVB fluorescent lamp provides UVB radiation suitable for plant production (and reptile habitat). Main characteristics due to the high ultraviolet content of the ...

5 990.-Ft
Sylvania Grolux T5 Fluorescent Lamp 8500K

Sylvania Grolux T5 fluorescent lights are designed for aquarists. It"s special color temperature strengthens the natural colours of aquatic plants and fish in aquariums. Most optimal light ...

3 470.-Ft
Sylvania Grolux T8 Fluorescent Lamp 8500K

Fluorescent tube with high levels of blue and red radiation for assisting plant growth - ideal for greenhouses, indoor gardens, flower shows and conservatories. Can also be used in aquariums to ...

2 790.-Ft
Sylvania T5/865 FHO Luxline Plus Fluorescent Lamp 6500 K

The Sylvania T5 FHO Luxline Plus are fluorescent lamps of 16mm of diameter that combine maximum light efficiency and low power consumption. The luminous flux is excellent all along their ...

1 370.-Ft
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