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GrowMax Water Reverse Ozmozis

Clear water quickly. Reverse osmosis units have been specifically developed for hydroponic and horticultural purposes as they reduce ec and have high performance. You don’t need electricity, ...

126 990.-Ft
GrowMax Water 3000 replacement carbon filter

The GrowMax Water 3000 replacement carbon filter reliably removes chlorine, herbicides and pesticides, volatile organic contaminants (chemical contaminants, benzenes, toluene, oils, THMs, detergents, ...

19 990.-Ft
GrowMax Water tap mounted water purifier

GrowMax water filtration systems consist of units that filter 240 liters per hour for domestic plants, flowers and other indoor and outdoor applications, up to 2,000 liters per hour, for large ...

114 350.-Ft
Growmax Water Maxquarium 000PPM

Reverse osmosis and de-ionization filter for aquariums, aquaponics and hyroponics. Purifies up to 500L water per day. This means 20L irrigation water per hour! The Maxquarium provides the purest ...

154 990.-Ft
GrowMax Water UV Lamp Kit

The GrowMax Water UV Lamp Kit kills almost 100% of viruses and bacteria. Recommended for all areas where water comes from wells, ditches and non-drinking water sources. The UV water sterilizer is ...

51 640.-Ft
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