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Duogrow Planter 2 x 12 L
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Duogrow Planter 2 x 12 L

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Duogrow Planter 2 x 12 L description

The Duogrow produces huge crops by keeping plants perfectly fed and watered - even when you're on holiday. Duogrow waters 2 plants for 2 weeks at a time. Much bigger harvests than pots and grow bags.

Perfect For: Tomatoes, sweet peppers, beans, cucumbers, aubergines, peas and any tall cropping plants.

The planter's 2 pots contain FeederMats which pull water up from the SmartReservoir to the plants exactly when they need it. This slow watering keeps the soil perfectly moist. By pulling water up slowly the Duogrow ensures there are always airgaps in the soil, so the roots have access to oxygen. The oxygen fuels more productive growth. Your plants will be bigger, healthier, more resistant to attacks from pests and will typically produce a 2x bigger harvest.

The pots are 30cms wide and hold 12litres of compost each.

Dimensions of Duogrow Planter: L67cm x W32cm x H56cm

Duogrow's SmartReservoir holds 25Litres of water to keep plants watered for 2 weeks

The Duogrow produces healthier plants and bigger harvests than traditional pots and grow bags by providing your plants with constant access to water without ever over-watering.

Duogrow Self-Watering Planter kit contains:

  • 25 Litre SmartReservoir,
  • Pot Placement Tray,
  • 2x 12 Litre pots 
  • 2 x FeederMats
  • jargon-free instructions

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