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ONA Odor Neutralizing Gel Professional

ONA Odor Neutralizing Gel Professional


4 990.-Ft

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ONA Odor Neutralizing Gel Professional description

Ona Gel Odor Neutralizing Gel Professional is an effective odor neutralizing gel. It does not obscure, but permanently neutralizes even the most unpleasant odors. A special mixture of essential oils dissolved in a polymer gel. The essential oils used are obtained from plants all over the world, which is why ONA gel is non-toxic. Upon contact with air, the ONA gel particles neutralize the odor molecules with which they come into contact. The odor-neutralizing active substance is released in a controlled manner, thus ensuring optimal results at all times. It is industrial-strength, yet safe to use in households, with people, animals and plants. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and organic.

Open the box of ONA odor neutralizing gel and allow the material to evaporate naturally. Periodically shake the box to move its contents. To prolong the life of the product, pour a small amount into a smaller bowl and place it in the room to be deodorized.


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