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Ona Odor  Neutralizing Gel Apple Crumble

Ona Odor Neutralizing Gel Apple Crumble


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Ona Odor Neutralizing Gel Apple Crumble description

ONA Gel is an incredibly powerful odour neutraliser
Permanently eliminates even the nastiest odours
Not a masking agent but an odour neutralisation agent
ONA Gel Quickly and effectively controls your odour problem
Non Toxic
Environmentally Friendly
Available in 3 sizes: 500 ml, 1 l, 4 l
Available in 3 scents: PRO, Polar Crystal, Fresh Linen, Apple Crumble
ONA gel is a complex mix of essential oils, suspended in a polymer gel. The essential oils are organically derived from plants throughout the world, non toxic and environmentally friendly, when the ONA gel is exposed to atmosphere the ONA particles are released into the air and neutralise any airborne odours, it comes into contact with. The ONA Gel odour neutralising agents are released in a controlled manner so that every drop of this excellent product is fully optimized.
Once the ONA Gel is exposed to atmosphere the ONA particles disperse through natural evaporation and any odourous molecules they come into contact with will be neutralised. Unlike air fresheners, this is not a masking agent but a neutralisation agent.
ONA Gel is industrial strength, yet safe for home or business use, and can be used around people, pets and plants. Non toxic, environmentally friendly and organic.
Don’t be fooled by imitations that are appearing in the market. This is the undisputed and original odour neutralising agent, serving the hydroponics industry since 1995.
Instructions for Use
Open the lid and leave the ONA gel to naturally evaporate for as long as the odour is present, occasionally shaking the jar to agitate up the contents. Alternatively a reduced amount of ONA Gel can be put into a smaller vessel and left until it has evaporated before topping up with more gel, thereby regulating the lifetime of the ONA Gel.
How to Use ONA Gel Efficiently
ONA Gel is our most popular product and is practical for almost any odour problems. However to get the most out of your Gel you should read these tips on how to use Gel most effectively.
The simplest way to use ONA gel is to just remove the lid and leave it around the infected area to naturally evaporate and disperse through the air.

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