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Nutriculture Wilma AW108

Nutriculture Wilma AW108

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45 990.-Ft

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Nutriculture Wilma AW108 description

The Wilma is a great introduction to active hydroponics - especially if you want to grow in soil or coco.

You can stick with your preferred growing media whilst getting better yields and reducing the need to manually water.
Moveable pots - Each pot in a Wilma can be moved around under lights or replaced.
Low maintenance - Manage up to 20 plants from one nutrient tank and top up every couple of days – far easier than hand watering.
Bigger yields – Plants take up more water and nutrients than hand watered pots, because they are fed little and often - which means bigger yields.
Feeding to meet your plants needs - Use the timer to increase the number of feeds to suit the life stage of the plants.
Reliability - Anti-leak design. 

L 116.5cm x W 59.5cm x H 46.5cm

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