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Bio Nova PK13-14

Bio Nova PK13-14


2 960.-Ft

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Bio Nova PK13-14 description

Phosphor makes for the development of a healthy, extensive root system and an exuberant flowering. Potassium prompts the flowering, the so-called flowering potency.
The combination of these two components in a bio-mineral form can be rightfully called a superbloomer.
Therefore, this is an essential component for every cultivation.

In BIO NOVA’s line of pure liquid mineral fertilizers (i.e. free of excess ingredients), BIO NOVA has a very powerful and quick phosphor-potassium complex at her disposal called:
PK 13-14,  which is directly absorbable.
This fertilizer should be used in combination with Hydro SuperMix, Soil SuperMix, Haze SuperMix or NFT-AQUA SuperMix.
A combination with one of these three, makes for a complete fertilization on hydro, soil or NFT-systems.

1st week of flowering :   25 ml./100 liter
2nd week of flowering :  75 ml./100 liter
3rd week of flowering : 100 ml./100 liter
4th week of flowering until the harvest: to a maximum of 125 ml./100 liter.

Tips: First add water to the feed vessel, then add Soil Supermix and stir well. There after mix in the PK 13-14. Adjust the pH to +/- 6.0 – 6.5. In areas of soft water or when using RO-water, it is recommended to add Ca 15 (+/- 4 ml/10 liters) and MgO 10 (+/- 4 ml/10 liters) to the fertilizer mix. The dosage of fertilizers can be adjusted in steps of 10% more or less. For long flowering plants and when using LongFlower-Supermix, the schedule should be extended from mid flowering.

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