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Every plant has to start somewhere, either from seed or cutting. Successful propagation of these delicate young plants is essential to your continued growing success.

Young plants have different environmental and feeding requirements to full grown plants and high success rates, rapid rooting times and strong early growth will all require slightly different feeds, boosters and lighting. We have propagation products to suit every size grow room and to allow you to propagate your young plants in the most compatible growing media with your main growing system.

Propagator 38x24x19 cm

A propagator corresponding to the clones rooting a breeze. Lena essential plant micro-climate suitable for maintaining an orderly management of the cuttings. Seeds are germinating haznos ...

2 490.-Ft
Thin Plastic Propagator 59 x 39 x 21 cm

Rooting young plants need a very stable environment to grow healthily. This is maintained with a propagator. This product is low-budget, light, and easy-to-clean. 59 x 39 x 21 cm

1 990.-Ft
Nutriculture X-Stream Heat propagator

Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. The system automatically maintains optimum temperature for germination. (28 degrees) Heat is dispersed evenly ...

24 500.-Ft
Propagator Large High Dome

  This propagator is a reproduction aeroponic greenhouse for young plants. - Low maintenance - Fastest playback method - Suitable for sowing and cuttings - Strong ventilated ...

1 990.-Ft
Thin Budget Propagator 23x18x13 cm

This propagator is a cheap solution to provide the perfect climate for our young plants. Dimensions: 23x18x13 cm Material: plastic

Neptune Hydroponics Heated Propagator 38x24x20 cm

A propagator corresponding to the clones rooting a breeze. It is essential for the plant to maintain the proper microclimate, the cutting sound management. Seeds are germinating haznos ...

7 990.-Ft
Thin Budget Propagator 38x24x13,5 cm

Provide perfect conditions for your cuttings and seedlings with this low-budget propagator. Dimensions: 23x18x13 cm Material: plastic

1 290.-Ft
Self Watering Propagator 24 Cell

  The maintenance of optimal growth conditions is essential for successful seed germination. A propagator may help, but careful and controlled irrigation is also required.   This ...

3 790.-Ft
Neptune Propagator tray 54x27,5x24,5cm

Propagator tray of healthy seedlings education quickest way. size: 54x27,5x24,5 cm


Nutriculture Aeroponic Propagators are the fastest way to raise healthy transplants. Ideal for cuttings, but also great for seeds.    Our aeroponic propagators ...

69 990.-Ft
Nutriculture Vitopod 106 modular Unheated

Unheated  version Humidity – Vitopod layers and lids sit on top of the heated base maintaining the ideal propagation environment. Vitopod has adjustable vents on both the lids and side ...

54 990.-Ft
Mini Propagator

Mini-green-house consisting of a big pot and top. Dimensions of the pot: ca. 22 x 22 x 26 cm Hight with tpo/lid: ca. 52 cm Variable ventilation slit

1 500.-Ft
Neptune Hydroponics Propagator 54x27,5x24,5 cm

Propagator of healthy seedlings education quickest way. 54x27,5x24,5 cm

2 490.-Ft
Nutriculture Vitopod 107 Heated

  Heat - Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. Ultra accurate thermostat probe is placed inside the propagator to read and maintain the desired ...

89 990.-Ft
NutriCulture X-Stream Aeroponic Cuttings Propagator 40

No air stone required - The X-Stream Propagator sprays a fine mist in a highly oxygenated environment and has been engineered so that the mist density is such that an air stone isn't ...

39 900.-Ft
Propagator Windowsill

  Creates optimal conditions for young plant cultivation. Robust plastic shell with transparent cover. Fits all common window sills. Stable, handy and functional. ...

1 990.-Ft
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