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Grodan SBS Rockwool

Grodan SBS Rockwool


2 990.-Ft

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Grodan SBS Rockwool description

Ideal for seed or cutting propagation, the SBS (Single Block System) are supplied in their own handy plastic tray for easy handling. Once young plants are rootbound they can be transplanted to a larger cube or pot of growing medium.
The benefits of Grodan rockwool
• Completely sterile and inert – ideal hydroponic growing medium. Reduced risk of pests and disease. 
• Even root growth – predominantly vertical fibre structure means identical levels of resistance for each root, so roots grow evenly. 
• Increased root development – structure of the rockwool is designed for optimum air / water balance and accelerated rooting. 
• Uniformity – quality and structure is uniform, so water content and EC (CF) will remain the same for every plant. 
• Re-wetting – Grodan rockwool is easy to re-saturate if it dries out, reducing the risk of root damage.

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