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Grodan growing field for growing rock wool

Grodan growing field for growing rock wool


1 151.-Ft 921.-Ft

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Grodan growing field for growing rock wool description

The Grodan growing field for growing rock wool provides the best possible quality soil for growing rock wool for growing vegetables and flowers. In order to ensure the stable growth of the plants and the control of the entire production cycle, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the perfect conditions for the development of the root system. As a result of the special production technological process and its continuous quality control, Grodan carpets are characterized by stable quality, which guarantees the achievement of the best quality, high-yield crop.

   Grodan growing field basic
Dimensions 1000x150x100 mm

Key features

  • horizontal fiber structure with two layers: a denser top layer and a porous bottom layer
  • the unique hydrophilic fiber absorbs water immediately, so it can be rewetted well
  • maximum humidity control range: 45 to 85% (daily level)
  • maximum regulation in the direction of vegetative or generative growth
  • extremely uniform moisture and EC distribution throughout the table
  • even root development

The Grodan growing field for growing rock wool allows the water content to be controlled in the range of 45 to 85% so that the moisture and EC distribution within the field is even. This makes it possible to change the required moisture content on a daily basis (recommended daily fluctuation between 5-15%). During the growing season, it is gradually reduced in spring, then increased in summer, and reduced again in autumn.

Rock wool, a hydroponic substrate of light structure and weight, is made of a spinning of molten basalt rock, which is composed of fine fibers to form a series of cubes, blocks, crop boards and granular products. Because rock wool and other rock or mineral wool used in horticulture are made from rock, many consider it an organic product.


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