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Grodan Delta Rockwool

Grodan Delta Rockwool



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Grodan Delta Rockwool description

GRODAN Delta Benefits:
1. Effortless start up of propagation 
GRODAN Delta is the perfect block for propagating young plants under a wide range of propagating conditions. The block is easy to saturate and water is distributed uniformly throughout the block, so reliable and vigorous plant growth is guaranteed. 
2. Uniform WC and EC distribution 
Based on the Delta Technology, the structure of the block and water distribution throughout the substrate have been improved. Newly transplanted plants will benefit thanks to the ready availability of water and the balanced nutrient solution (EC), encouraging the roots to penetrate deeply into the blocks.
3. Easy WC management 
The water content levels can be easily managed between 55% and 80%. This applies equally to low and high water content levels. If the moisture content level threatens to drop too low, it can be simply be restored to the desired level, for instance 80%. Thanks to the variations in the small and large pores, the roots are always guaranteed a sufficient supply of air and water.
4. Excellent root growth throughout the block 
The Delta Technology ensures uniform distribution of water and nutrients throughout the block. Newly transplanted plants will benefit thanks to the ready availability of water and EC, encouraging the roots to penetrate deeply into the slabs
5. Greater firmness for better handling
As mechanisation has been increasingly introduced into the propagation process over the years, the blocks must be able to withstand handling better during propagation. The stable firmness of GRODAN Delta becomes particularly important when the blocks are placed, spaced and picked up several times during propagation. An added advantage is greater protection for the roots during transport from the propagator to the grower.


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