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Polyshield Thermal Foil 1,2mx1m

Polyshield Thermal Foil 1,2mx1m

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Polyshield Thermal Foil 1,2mx1m description

The original Polyshield thermal insulation and light reflection foil!

The metal infusion in its fabric disperses heat evenly on the surface. This makes Polyshield the best thermal insulation foil among all the mylars. It happens all the time that our grow room, winter garden, or the loft of our home emits a lot of the heating. These weak spots can be neutralized with Polyshield.

In the winter we loose a lot of heat. This not only means loss of energy, but also hardness in keeping the right climate for our plants inside! The lower the fluctuations in temperature, the better we can control the climate inside, and of course, the less heating we require.

At first snow on the rooftops shows us the difference between well insulated houses and the ones that emit heat at a quite conspicuous level, as we can see on the attached pictures.

Additionally, this foil is of silver colour, which means it also reflects light.

thickness: 115 micron
width: 120cm
Available in any length.

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