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Garland Work Tray

  Perfect for any number of purposes in a grow room, Garland Work Trays really are one of those 'essential' items for many growers. Most commonly these trays are used underneath pots ...

2 490.-Ft
Danish tray

Danish tray, Danish tidal tray, If you intend to use drippers to irrigate your plants, then it is inevitable that there will be excess nutrient solution that runs out from the bottom of your ...

5 790.-Ft
Danish tray filter

The filter is very useful for the danish tray. It prevents the system can escape contamination. The design is ideal because the rim is level the puts the tray.  The pots can be placed on the ...

1 600.-Ft
Frame for danish tray 1,00x1,00m

Heavy-duty aluminum frame profiles designed for Danish trays. The structure is designed to allow the drainage for irrigation pipes. Dimensions: 101 × 111 × 47/45 cm

23 500.-Ft
Nutriculture Flexible Plastic Tray

The Nutriculture Flexible Plastic Tray is an innovative solution for growing rooms with limited access points. These flexible trays are located where other trays cannot fit. Can be used as a ...

6 990.-Ft
Jiffy pellet Tray 51 hole

  The QuickPot cultivation plate with 51 pots is suitable for the cultivation of your young plants of all kinds. In addition, a simple removal of the plantlets for potting or planting is ...

Jiffy pellet Tray 84 hole

Plastic tray for 84 pcs of Jiffy pellets.   You can find Jiffy pellets HERE.

1 200.-Ft
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