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Click on Pots below, to find out how easy it is to choose the best for your indoor cultivation! Choose small net pots for germination and then use the larger sizes for growing and flowering.

Square tile 9x9x10 cm

The Square tile 9x9x10 cm is a square pot that can be used for planting seedlings. Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 10 cm. There are 50 tiles in one package.

Greek Pattern Plastic Cube Flower Pot

Flower pots are made from strong, frost-resistant plastic (polypropylene - PP). Our Pots are characterized: Balck color, gloss surface and unique Greek pattern - making them easy to fit into any ...

Plastic pot (square)

The Plastic pot (square) is an excellent choice for growing forest and fruit plants and is especially suitable for hydroponics. It has grooves and legs to prevent root twisting - to keep it away ...

Plastic round flower pot

The Plastic pot (round) is a black, tall pot made of recycled polyethylene (PE). It is resistant to thermal shock and extremely flexible, as well as having drainage ...

Plastic pots for planting 7,0 x 7,0 x 6,0 cm

Plastic pots for planting 7,0 x 7,0 x 6,0 cm flexible rectangular flower pot for planting plants after germination. The square shape is ideal for indoor plants, allows good use of space, more ...

Aeropot Round flower pot with holes

By using the Aeropot Round flower pot with holes the plants need less time to grow, and due to the secure adhesion after planting, they show healthy and fast growth thanks to very well developed ...

Perforated plastic pot (squared)

The Perforated plastic pot (squared) is perfect for growing plants. The recess at the bottom of the pot provides good drainage and more oxygen to the roots through multiple openings. It can also be ...

Container plastic pot

The Container plastic pot is a solid, plastic plant holder. It is excellently resistant to environmental influences, there are gaps on the bottom and the lower part of the sides, which lead the water ...

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