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Eazy Plug coconut seed cube

Eazy Plug coconut seed cube


3 880.-Ft

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Eazy Plug coconut seed cube description

The Eazy Plug coconut seed cube can be used in a wide range of environments: indoor and outdoor soils, hydroponic systems and dry hydroponics. Because it can successfully create an ideal environment, it results in very fast and vigorous rooting and germination. Size of the cubes one by one: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.0 cm.

With their organic materials and special bonding methods, the seed cubes contain a predetermined pH and EC value as well as a fixed air-to-water ratio and are extremely easy to use. The cube is able to drain excess water to avoid over-watering.

Key features

  • self-regulating
  • easy to control
  • air pruning (root growth increases)
  • suitable for gradual drier cultivation
  • compatible with all known growing media (eg rock wool, coconut fiber, black and white peat, soil-free mixtures, etc.)


  • Step 1: wetting

Allow Eazy Plugs to completely absorb water with a pH of 5.8. Allow excess water to drain. Do not squeeze or dry the cubes. The cubes are self-regulating and contain only the water needed for the optimal humidity level and the optimal air-to-water ratio.

  • Step 2: cut

Cut diagonally at a 45-degree angle, just below the swelling of the node or stem, making sure to hold at least 3 nodes above its intersection. Remove all but a few leaves. Scrape off part of the outer layer at the bottom of the cut, but not everywhere. Cut off a third of the top of the remaining large leaves.

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