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Plagron Terra Grow

Plagron Terra Grow


1 390.-Ft

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Plagron Terra Grow description

Plagron Terra Grow is a highly concentrated mineral-based plant nutrient used during the plant’s growth phase. This liquid fertilizer provides optimal nutrition during the growth phase. It provides a solid foundation for the plant to bloom richly in the next phase. Suitable for all soil mixtures and can be used with all liquid fertilizers and additives.


  • is absorbed immediately
  • guaranteed optimal flowering and fruit set
  • suitable for all irrigation systems
  • rich in nutrients

Shake well before use. Add up to 5 ml of Terra Grow to 1 liter of water (1: 200). Use this solution every time you water the plants during the flowering phase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Terra Grow

1. If I use Terra Bloom, do I need to adjust the pH and EC?
Yes, pH and EC should be adjusted if using only Terra Grow during irrigation. Terra Grow presets these values ​​in the nutrient solution. However, the pH and EC of tap water are not the same everywhere. A pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is recommended. This can be set using Plagron Calcium Kick, for example. The correct EC value is different for each plant species and for its growth or flowering phase.

2. Can I use Terra Grow as a foliar fertilizer?
Yes, you can use the Terra Grow mineral fertilizer. This means that its nutrients are taken up directly by the plant. This way, you can quickly address nutrient deficiencies in the growth phase by giving plants Terra Grow as a foliar fertilizer. In this case, use a maximum of 2 ml of Terra Grow per liter of water.

3. How long can I store Terra Grow after mixing it with water?
Once mixed with water, Terra Grow can be stored for four days. Watch your pH as it is likely to rise slowly. Be careful not to mix organic matter into the solution, as it may deteriorate after 48 hours. Also make sure that the solution is constantly moving (circulating pump) and that the container is clean before mixing the solution.


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