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Plagron Sugar Royal

Plagron Sugar Royal

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Plagron Sugar Royal description

Plagron Sugar Royal enhances the natural aroma and taste of the final product during plant production. A kind of supplement to the basic nutrient. By using it, the plant supports its natural processes during the flowering period.


  • causes impeccable odor and taste
    It contains a substance that triggers the stress caused by drought - thanks to which the plant produces more resin. He does this because he thinks he could die and want to reproduce. In nature, the only way to do this is to catch the pollen with resin - it gives the herbs a taste and smell.
  • reduces growing time
    Amino acids are essential building blocks for plants. They increase the efficiency of plant production of new cells. This allows you to protect yourself more effectively against external stressors (such as heat, cold, drought, etc.).
  • stimulates and accelerates growth
  • increases resistance


Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 1 ml of Sugar Royal to 1 liter of water (1: 1000). Use this nutrient solution from the second week of growth each time you water the plants. Attention: this nutrient is not suitable for hydroponic cultivation systems. If using an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use.

NPK fertilizer (9-0-0)
Nitrogen 9%

We recommend the official Plagron website for more information about the product and frequently asked questions.


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