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Plagron Power Buds

Plagron Power Buds


4 690.-Ft

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Plagron Power Buds description

Plagron Power Buds is a budding fertilizer that accelerates flowering and leads to compact flowers and does not increase the EC value. It is a biostimulant, i.e. it stimulates the plant's nutritional processes with the aim of improving the plant's properties. In the case of Power Buds, this means safe, hormone-free stimulation of the plant to increase the number of buds and speed up flowering.

Shake the nutrient solution well before use. Add max. 1 ml of Power Buds to 1 liter of water (1:1000). Use this solution from the moment you change the cultivation from cultivation to flowering.

Frequently asked questions about Plagron Power Buds

Well, you can also use the product if you choose to grow on peat. However, our test results showed that the product works best when you use a hydrological way of growing.
We recommend keeping the mixing ratio as prescribed, 1:1000.
Our test results showed no negative effects when using a higher mixing ratio on peat substrate. Due to the buffering capacity of the peat, the nutrient solution is softer for your plant and its roots.
Green Sensation can be used anytime and with any nutrient line, so combine as you wish. Sugar Royal, on the other hand, is not suitable for hydrological growing systems in which the same nutrient solution is being used for more than 24 hours. If you use the solution at once, it is also possible to combine all three additives. Green Sensation is an absolute must-have during your grow. This 4-in-1 booster will give you harder and more compact buds. Power Buds ensures more bud formation and Sugar Royal provides enhanced taste.


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