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Milwaukee PH51 digital pH meter

Milwaukee PH51 digital pH meter

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Milwaukee PH51 digital pH meter description

The Milwaukee PH51 digital pH meter is a waterproof pH tester. Automatically performs temperature compensation (ATC) for each pH measurement. The meter can be calibrated at two points. Accurate measurements are displayed directly on the LCD display, and the MA73600 electrode supplied with the meter is easy to replace. The closed temperature sensor allows fast and accurate temperature measurement and compensation.

Technical details:

pH measuring range 0.0 to 14.0 pH
pH resolution 0.1 pH
pH accuracy (@ 25 ° C / 77 ° F) ±0.1 pH
pH calibration automatic, 2 points; pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 or pH 7.0 and pH 10.0
pH probe MA73600
Temperature compensation automatic
Battery 3 x 1.5V button cells
Battery life approx. 250 hours of use
Operating environment 0-50 ° C (32-122 ° F); RH 100%
Dimensions 165 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight 80 g


Electrode maintenance:


  • when not in use, rinse the electrode with water and place a few drops of Milwaukee storage solution in the protective cap and store it in it
  • never store the electrode in distilled or deionized water
  • if the electrode is left dry, soak the end in storage solution for at least one hour to reactivate
  • to prolong electrode life, it is recommended to clean monthly by immersing the tip in Milwaukee general cleaning solution for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with tap water and recalibrate the meter

Two vessels are used for calibration. Both must be filled with the same calibration solution, but the first vessel is for rinsing the probe only, the actual calibration must be performed in the second vessel with the probe already rinsed. Always use fresh solution for calibration. This can be ensured with bag solutions for single calibration. If the instrument we use allows the use of several calibration solutions, it is advisable to use solutions close to the concentration of the measured sample. The EC meter does not need to be calibrated as often as the pH electrode, but regular monitoring is important as changes in the condition and aging of the probe can be compensated by calibration.

Instructions for use are available here.


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