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Bluelab EC / ppm meter

Bluelab EC / ppm meter

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29 990.-Ft

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Bluelab EC / ppm meter description

The Bluelab EC / ppm meter is a compact handheld meter for measuring EC (conductivity) and temperature.

Key features:

  • completely waterproof
  • selectable units (due to customization of settings)
  • flat electrode (for easier cleaning and maintenance)
  • automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings
  • automatic shutdown
  • 1 AAA alkaline battery included

Why measure conductivity and temperature?
Every plant needs the right amount of nutrients to grow. By measuring conductivity, it is possible to ensure that plants have access to the right amount of nutrients at all stages of growth. Moisture measurement optimizes irrigation cycles and water consumption and also controls the risk of root infections. Finally, regular temperature measurements can detect temperature fluctuations and optimize root functions.


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