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Agrolite Dark Night (green light) 100W

Agrolite Dark Night (green light) 100W

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Agrolite Dark Night (green light) 100W description

Agrolite Dark Night (Green Light) 100W - Lamp for the Dark hours

During both, the growing and blooming stage of your plants, it essential to observe the night photoperiod. If your plants receive light (even a few minutes per day), when they should be in the absolute darkness, they are subject to the "luminous shock, which can delay their evolution, compromising their cycle and consequently their yield.

DarkNight Agrolite is specifically designed to produce a green light not visible by the plant, with no disruption to their photoperiod. Chlorophyll-rich plants absorb almost all wavelengths of visible light, although they basically reflect light around 510 nm (Green) during the photosynthesis.

Agrolite Dark night is a powerful halogen bulb with a special filter which eliminates all wavelengths except the green spectrum: this allows you to work in your greenhouse, grow rooms and tents during the plant night time, withouth disturbing the plant cycle.

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