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Plagron is a reliable manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high quality organic products. A leading company with a wide range of substrates, fertilizers and additives. More than twenty years of experience has ensured that we have grown from small worm farm into an international company that belongs to the top of the market. In our own laboratory in the Dutch Ospel we develop widely different types of products. Also here are the production sites are established.

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Plagron Terra Bloom

Plagron Terra Bloom is a highly concentrated mineral-based nutrient during the flowering stage of the plant. This liquid fertilizer provides optimal nutrition during flowering and supports and ...

4 590.-Ft 3 580.-Ft
Plagron Terra Grow

Plagron Terra Grow is a highly concentrated mineral-based plant nutrient used during the plant’s growth phase. This liquid fertilizer provides optimal nutrition during the growth phase. It ...

1 390.-Ft 1 084.-Ft
Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful 4 in 1 booster that can be used in any cultivation style, ensuring the highest yields. No additional PK fertilizer, enhancer, reminder or enzymes are needed when ...

9 990.-Ft 7 792.-Ft
Plagron PK 13-14

Plagron PK 13-14 is a mineral fertilizer that supplies plants with extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) during the flowering phase. As a result, the fruit becomes more compact and heavier. PK 13-14 ...

2 670.-Ft 2 083.-Ft
Plagron Vita Race

The Plagron Vita Race is an iron spray for the first three weeks of the growth phase and the flowering phase. Iron is an important component in the formation of chlorophyll, which stimulates the ...

4 190.-Ft 3 268.-Ft
Plagron Cocos A&B

Plagron Cocos A&B is a highly concentrated mineral plant nutrient that is best used during the growth and flowering phase of the plant. This liquid fertilizer is easy to apply and contains a ...

6 790.-Ft 5 296.-Ft
Plagron Alga Bloom

Plagron Alga Bloom is an essential plant nutrient created specifically for soil-based cultivation that is most utilized during the flowering stage of the plant. This algae-based fertilizer promotes ...

1 990.-Ft 1 552.-Ft
Plagron Alga Grow

Plagron Alga Grow is an essential plant nutrient solution that is specifically designed for soil-based cultivation and needs to be used during the growth phase of the plant. This algae-based ...

1 990.-Ft 1 552.-Ft
Plagron Bat Guano

The main ingredient in Plagron Bat Guano is bat manure, which is the most ideal fertilizer offered by nature. It promotes the development of roots and soil life and contributes to healthy growth and ...

6 100.-Ft 4 758.-Ft
Plagron CalMag Pro

Plagron CalMag Pro ensures a balanced concentration of minerals for irrigation water. Deficiency of calcium and magnesium (Ca/Mg) in reverse osmosis (RO) water and soft water is a well-known problem. ...

6 701.-Ft 5 227.-Ft
Plagron Hydro A&B

Plagron Hydro A&B are a very highly concentrated and complete organic mineral nutrient for hydroponic and aeroponic systems and is suitable for both the growth phase and the flowering phase. ...

7 580.-Ft 5 912.-Ft
Plagron Power Roots

Plagron Power Roots are best used during the growth phase and early weeks of flowering. It stimulates root growth and increases the resilience of the plant. It acts quickly, is economical and is ...

5 460.-Ft 4 259.-Ft
Plagron Pure Zym

Plagron Pure Zym is based on natural enzymes that help and speed up the breakdown of dead plant material. This causes the release of additional nutrients that stimulate soil life as well as increase ...

2 990.-Ft 2 332.-Ft
Plagron Seed Booster

Plagron Seed Booster is a powerful and safe fertilizer for the first life of plants. It provides young, germinated seedlings with immediately available nutrients. This ensures that the young plant ...

9 380.-Ft 7 316.-Ft
Plagron Silic Rock fertilizer

Plagron Silic Rock fertilizer is a silicon-based fertilizer that helps equip the plant against silicon deficiency. Silicon improves the uptake of essential nutrients (phosphorus, calcium, essential ...

4 990.-Ft 3 892.-Ft
Plagron Start up

Complete nutrient for growth with root stimulator Start Up is a combined food for plants in the growth phase. It provides each young plant with the best combination of nutrients for the initial ...

6 250.-Ft 4 875.-Ft
Plagron Sugar Royal

Plagron Sugar Royal enhances the natural aroma and taste of the final product during plant production. A kind of supplement to the basic nutrient. By using it, the plant supports its natural ...

6 781.-Ft 5 289.-Ft
Plagron Top Grow Box 100% Terra

The Plagron Top Grow Box 100% Terra contains everything you need to grow 1 m2. Thanks to the instantly absorbed nutrients of Terra Grow and Terra Bloom, it always responds quickly to the needs ...

22 900.-Ft 17 862.-Ft
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