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Advanced Hydroponics started in Holland, "the heart of the business". Working in close cooperation with leading research institutes, Advanced Hydroponics developed the plant nutrient Dutch Formula which is still a huge success today. You can read more about this high quality product in the Dutch Formula section.

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Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula BLOOM

N-P-K: 2-5-8 The flowering stage is the productive part of a plant's life. Dutch Formula BLOOM is the "nutrition engine" because the high concentration of magnesium and phosphorus ...

2 600.-Ft
Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula GROW

The recommended combination of Dutch Formula 1, 2 & 3 during the 18 hour vegetative stage is the best guarantee for high quality results and strong, healthy plants with lush green ...

2 600.-Ft
Advanced Hydroponics ph- Bloom

Advanced Hydroponics ph- Bloom

1 750.-Ft
Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula MICRO

Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula MICRO: his part of the Dutch Formula is the key to your success. This component contains all essential microelements. You will not find any other nutrient as ...

3 200.-Ft
Advanced Hydroponics pH +

Advanced Hydroponics pH +

1 500.-Ft
Advanced Hydroponics Enzymes+

  This is a product enriched with natural plant extracts that enhances and supports the environment for plant roots. Microbiology active substrate and increases the absorption of ...

Advanced Hydroponics Final Solution

  With this product we get a clean natural salts in the root system thus improving the quality and quantity of the harvest. We obtain compact buds improving the natural flavor of the ...

Advanced Hydroponics Grow-Bloom Excellerator

  Stimulator for plants with a well developed root system to obtain an explosive flowering. Improves immune system of the plant, preventing disease and pests. Ideal for outdoor ...

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Starters Kit

  Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, Starters Kit Included: Advanced Natural Power Enzymes+ 250ml Advanced Natural Root Stimulator 250ml Advanced Natural Growth / Bloom Stimulator ...

Advanced Hydroponics ph- Grow

Advanced Hydroponics ph- Grow

1 350.-Ft
Advanced Hydroponics Root Stimulator

Advanced Hydroponics Root Stimulator was developed particularly for seeds and cuttings without roots.  Advanced Hydroponics Root Stimulator Stimulates the development of roots of young plants ...

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