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Metrop Enzymes enzyme complex

Metrop Enzymes enzyme complex

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Metrop Enzymes enzyme complex description

The Metrop Enzymes enzyme complex is designed to clean the growing medium from decaying organic matter and accumulated mineral salts. During the increased decomposition, additional nutrients are released and the microlife of the soil is stimulated. During the accelerated decomposition, more space is freed up for the roots, which increases the oxygen content of the soil and improves the absorption capacity of the plant. The vitamins in it also provide resistance to soil diseases.


  • enzyme complex
  • endo-glucanase
  • cellobiohydrolase
  • B-glucosidase
  • niacin
  • other enzymes and vitamins
  • potassium sorbate
  • magnesium sulfate
  • excipients and organic preservatives

Before use, it is advisable to shake it thoroughly and then mix it with the irrigation water in a small container. During daily use, it is recommended to apply with a dilution ratio of 25 ml/100 liters of water, and during weekly use with a dilution ratio of 1 ml/liter of water.

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