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Wide Range Of Grow Reflectors Like Adjust A Wings For Use With Hps, Metal Halide And Envirolites Lamps

These help create better reflection from bulbs' light by promoting rays to reflect towards the growing area. These reflectors can be used without ballasts if being used with Envirolites or any self ballasted lamp with an E40 fitting.

Reflector with E40 socket

Reflector with E40 socket

3 490.-Ft
Electrical Cable  2,5mm

  Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs   2,5mm thick One meter prices is: 1,6 ...

E40 to Adjust-A-Wing

E40 for Adjust-A-Wing

7 990.-Ft
Electrical Cable with plug 1,5mm 3m

  Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs with plug 1,5mm thick 3m long three-wire  

2 000.-Ft
Easy Roll ( 2piece )

 Easy-Rolls are useful accessories that allow you to adjust the height of the lighting fixtures (bulb and reflector) and suspended plants.  Volvit Easy-Rolls is patented by SACLA srl ...

2 490.-Ft
Electrical Cable  1,5mm

  Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs   1,5mm thick three-wire One meter price is 1 ...

E40 socket

E40 socket

Electrical Cable with power cord (IEC C14) 1,5 mm

Electrical wire for high performance ballast and bulbs with power cord. 2,5 mm thick 2,5 m or 4 m long three-wire 10 A 250 V  

1 500.-Ft
Rope Ratchet additional reflector suspension

The Rope Ratchet additional reflector suspension is an indoor mounting system for lamps, filters and other accessories. By attaching two hooks and then pulling the rope, you can get a secure ...

2 700.-Ft
Cable 3G0,75

  For medium mechanical stresses in households, kitchens and offices; for household appliances even in damp rooms. Suitable for cooking and heating appliances, provided that the line does not ...

Adjust a Wing Spreader

Even adjustment is achieved with the Adjust a Wing Spreader. The corrosion-resistant aluminum surface placed under the bulb scatters direct light, which would reach the plants, thus protecting them ...

4 500.-Ft
Light Mover

Light Mover is an adjustable, self-propelled light mover that transports a light system along a 180 cm aluminum track. Simple, lightweight and easy to install, they can handle reflectors and ...

54 900.-Ft
LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Grow Light Mover Kit

LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit comes complete with a variable speed LightRail Motor and a two-piece 2 meter (6’6”) Rail, installation hardware and instruction. LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive ...

104 000.-Ft
Advanced Star Starlight v4.8 Light Mover

Raise the effectiveness of your grow room to a higher level! Using a light mover has many benefits. Maybe the most important is that the light has access to the lower canopy as weel. It ...

58 790.-Ft
E40 socket and cable + hanger

E40 socket and cable (1,8m) + hanger

3 600.-Ft
White Grounded Plug

  This professional 230V connector is the ideal replacement for damaged plugs on leads. - Material plastic - Color white - Plug-in direction straight - Connection technology screw ...

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