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Urban Garden Quantum II LED (120 W / 240 W / 480 W)

Urban Garden Quantum II LED (120 W / 240 W / 480 W)


74 000.-Ft

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Urban Garden Quantum II LED (120 W / 240 W / 480 W) description

The Urban Garden Quantum II LED (120 W / 240 W / 480 W) is a high-power LED that provides high yields.

Main characteristics

  • full spectrum white, 660 nm red, IR and UV light
  • reliable passively cooled design
  • better light transmission due to scattered light
  • 60% less power consumption
  • perfect light distribution
  • 30% yield increase
  UG LED 120 W UG LED 240 W UG LED 480 W
LED Source Top-Bin Samsung LM301H diodes
Power Draw 120 W 240 W 480 W
HPS Equivalent 200 W 400 W 800 W
Par Efficiency 2,8 μmol / J
PPFD 814 μmol - 61 cm vertical distance 1.260 μmol - 61 cm vertical distance 2.703 μmol - 61 cm vertical distance
Spectrum 3.000 K / 5.000 / 660 nm / UV / IR
Input Voltage autosensing 100 - 277 V
Thermal Management passive cooling
Max. Ambient Temperature 35°C
Dimming manual manual & RJ11 Controller
Operating Temp 20°C - 40°C
Weight 2,27 kg 3, 97 kg 7,59 kg
Lifetime > 100.000 h

PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is the part of solar radiation in the 400-700 nm range that can be used by photosynthetic organisms in photosynthesis. This light spectrum does not contain the color green, as the plants do not utilize this wavelength of light, they radiate back (hence we see the foliage as green). As winter approaches, the plants receive less natural sunlight.

In production, it becomes necessary to use artificial lighting. The use of high-pressure metal halide lamps is a well-proven additional method of crop production. Their disadvantage is that a small part of the electricity used is converted into light, so that most of the energy is wasted in the form of reactive heat energy. Their efficiency often does not even reach 30%. In comparison, LED plant lighting produces minimal heat, with a greater portion of the energy being converted to photons, which is needed for photosynthesis, providing energy for plant growth. With LED lighting, a minimum of 50% of electricity can be saved compared to conventional lighting.

The benefits of LED

  • the production cycle can be extended by up to 3 months
  • the ripening time can be precisely determined, so that both harvesting and delivery can take place at a pre-programmed rate
  • minimum thermal energy production
  • enhancement of photosynthesis

Because plant LED lamps emit less heat and do not radiate at all in the infrared range, they dry the soil and plants less. The water consumption of the plants is reduced, so there is a risk of over-irrigation with unchanged irrigation. By reducing irrigation, the amount of nutrient solution should also be reviewed and reduced.

Urban Garden Quantum II LED (120 W / 240 W / 480 W) reviews

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