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Treat them nicely, give them enough light, water and food and the plants will reward you with some tasty buds. Filtered water is just for rich kids and soccer moms with too much time and money on their hands, not for plants. If water from the tap is good enough for us to drink, why spend money on filtering water for your plants? Plenty of people give their garden plants tap water and they do just fine.

However, if you are looking to push your girls to their absolute maximum and give them the best of everything, maybe you should take a look at reverse osmosis, or RO.

Osmosis filter

Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is the finest filtration available today. Reverse osmosis will allow the removal of particles as small as individual ions. The pores in a reverse ...

31 140.-Ft
GrowMax Water Reverse Ozmozis

Clear water quickly. Reverse osmosis units have been specifically developed for hydroponic and horticultural purposes as they reduce ec and have high performance. You don’t need electricity, ...

126 990.-Ft
GrowMax Water Mega Grow  Reverse Ozmozis

Reverse osmosis system optimized for gardening and hydroponic uses. Eliminates up to 95% of all of salts and heavy metals. Also eliminates 99% of chlorine and sediments down to 5 microns, ...

97 790.-Ft
GrowMax Water 3000 replacement carbon filter

The GrowMax Water 3000 replacement carbon filter reliably removes chlorine, herbicides and pesticides, volatile organic contaminants (chemical contaminants, benzenes, toluene, oils, THMs, detergents, ...

19 990.-Ft
GrowMax Water tap mounted water purifier

GrowMax water filtration systems consist of units that filter 240 liters per hour for domestic plants, flowers and other indoor and outdoor applications, up to 2,000 liters per hour, for large ...

114 350.-Ft
Pre/Post Mambrane Filter

High-quality 10" x 2" Post Carbon Inline replacement cartridges, usually used as the last stage for RO systems. It can also be used for the refrigerator ice maker, coffer machine, water cooler, ...

5 500.-Ft
5-stage osmosis filter (pH, EC control)

During osmosis filtration, water molecules flow from the higher concentration water to the cleaner water due to the osmotic pressure on a semi-permeable membrane (0.0001 micron). This results in ...

54 990.-Ft
Osmosis membrane

  DOW FILMTEC™MEM-45 reverse osmosis membranes are the industry’s best and most reliable filters for home drinking water. These premium-grade membranes are selectively produced ...

16 990.-Ft
GrowMax deionization replacement filter for MaxQuarium

The GrowMax deionization replacement filter for MaxQuarium removes 100% of mineral salts from reverse osmosis water. It functions as a replacement filter for GrowMax Water Maxquarium 000PPM.

20 991.-Ft
Growmax Water Maxquarium 000PPM

Reverse osmosis and de-ionization filter for aquariums, aquaponics and hyroponics. Purifies up to 500L water per day. This means 20L irrigation water per hour! The Maxquarium provides the purest ...

154 990.-Ft
GrowMax Water UV Lamp Kit

The GrowMax Water UV Lamp Kit kills almost 100% of viruses and bacteria. Recommended for all areas where water comes from wells, ditches and non-drinking water sources. The UV water sterilizer is ...

51 640.-Ft
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