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Drip irrigation has long been used in the outdoor landscape, due to its highly effective but water conserving means of keeping even moisture around the plant roots. 
Top drip hydroponics systems realize high production of crops for the same reason. Nutrients trickled over the surface of the media right at the root zone bathe those roots continually in "grow juice". 
The result? Amazingly rapid growth with high flowering/fruit production. Due to the recycling and reuse of the nutrients via a drain and reservoir set up, there is virtually no waste of water and nutrients.

Plagron Europebbles (Hydro Clay Pebbles)

Hydroponic growth for the highest yield   Plagron Euro Pebbles is a high-quality inert hydrological substrate. Among experts, Plagron Euro Pebbles is known as ‘The cleanest pebble ...

2 990.-Ft
Wilma dripping crop system

The Wilma is a great introduction to active hydroponics - especially if you want to grow in soil or coco.   You can stick with your preferred growing media whilst getting better yields and ...

69 990.-Ft
Nutriculture Flo-Gro (500, 510, 520)

The Nutriculture Flo-Gro (500, 510, 520) is a super-oxygenated vessel with a timer, producing high yields. The pot is filled with clay pebbles and the nutrient solution is pumped from the container ...

17 760.-Ft
GHE Aquafarm

  A larger version of the Waterfarm. Just add Hydroton Clay and Nutrient to own one of the most compact systems around. Famous for giving a highly oxygenated nutrient supply. Great for longer ...

25 900.-Ft
GHE EcoGrower

The EcoGrower incorporates an air driven “spider” drip system and uses our revolutionary 17 gallon hexagonal reservoir with removable 6” lid inserts. Each lid insert accommodates one 6” ...

61 990.-Ft
GHE Euro Waterfarm

WaterFarm · An excellent introduction to hydroponics · The AquaFarm is the first hydroponic “home unit”, created more than 25 years ago by Lawrence Brooke, in California. Since 1975, ...

18 890.-Ft
Nutriculture IWS Dripper system

At the set times nutrient solution is pumped from the water butt and dripped into the top of the pots where it works its way through the media and drains into the catchment trays below the pots. ...

333 971.-Ft
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