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Deep water culture (DWC) is a hydroponic method of plant production by means of suspending the plant roots in a solution of nutrient-rich, oxygenated water. Bubbleponics is a related method of plant production that involves a top-fed Deep Water Culture system. A more accurate definition for the acronym DWC is Direct Water Culture. Direct Water Culture can be performed in deep or shallow water.

It is advisable to start this type of indoor cultivation with cubes of rock wool. Once the seeds are germinated in cubes of rock wool, put them into the DWC baskets previously filled with expanded clay pellets. Fill the DWC system with water and fertilizers that are hydroponic specific up to the level of the solution in contact with the base of baskets.

Neptune Hydroponics DWC pot 25l

DWC POT 25L Neptune Hydroponics, hydroponic system. Dwc pot 25L Neptune Hydroponics is a simple and quiet bubbler suitable for mother plants and plants in flowering stage. For a proper use of ...

19 390.-Ft
Beginner's hydro pack

Perfect hydroponic set for beginners and amateurs. Ideal for 1 crop and contains all the equipment needed to maintain a hydroponic system. The set ...

29 990.-Ft
Nutripot Hydro system for crop production

The Nutripot Hydro system for crop production is the perfect solution for crop production, even in small spaces, using the hydroponic method. The system tracks the growth phase of the plant through ...

14 790.-Ft
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