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Roots need oxygen to function - it couldn't be more simpler than that! If your nutrient supply does not hold enough dissolved oxygen or isn't aerated using pumps and airstones, then your plants are likely to suffer.

Aerating the root zone radically improves water absorption and nutrient uptake, increases cell growth/activity and accelerates overall root development. This process also stops water from becoming stagnant, which could otherwise lead to root health problems such as dreaded pythium (root rot). Creating an aeration system for your nutrient solution is straightforward and achievable irrespective of how much money you have to spend. All you need is an air pump, airstones and air line!

Amazon Twin 32 aero system

Impressive results' The Amazon is an Aeroponic growing system that offers you an affordable and efficient way of growing strong and healthy plants to full maturity - at an extremely ...

106 951.-Ft
Amazon 32 Hydro system

Amazon System 32 Pot The Amazon allows unrestricted access to nutrient and water by allowing the plants roots to grow into a chamber where they are constantly misted with a highly oxygenated ...

69 590.-Ft
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