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Lumatek HPS pulse-start lamp (double ended)

Lumatek HPS pulse-start lamp (double ended)


31 990.-Ft

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Lumatek HPS pulse-start lamp (double ended) description

The Lumatek HPS pulse start lamp (double ended) is designed for use with a digital transformer. It is made using high quality ceramic arc tube technology and a special horticultural gas mixture that provides optimal spectral performance to promote healthy plant growth.

Double-ended HPS lamps are more stable than single-ended HPS lamps, so they increase light intensity and PAR / PPF power by 10%. Thanks to the increased light intensity, the lamp can be placed further away from the plant, thus increasing the light area and the uniformity of the light.

  1000 W
Power Voltage 240 V, 50 Hz
Power  1000 W
Lamp Current 5,2 A
Rated Hours 10.000 h
Color temperature 2100 K
Luminous Flux 146.000 lm



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