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House & Garden Multi Zyme

House & Garden Multi Zyme

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House & Garden Multi Zyme description

House & Garden Multi Zyme is an enzyme based formula that helps to maintain a healthy plant and a healthy environment for new roots to develop quickly.

Multi Zyme will help to eradicate any dead root material in your media, very fast. The enzymes help to breakdown dead root cells that have formed and this allows new pockets of air to flow into the media and also more room for new roots to grow. The abundance of healthy fluffy roots will also improve nutrient uptake to improve the growth of the plants and yield.

Multi Zyme is a top quality product that can be used throughout the whole cycle of your plants life, to ensure they are very healthy and flourish and we highly recommend it.

How To Use
Add 1ml per litre of water.

House & Garden Multi Zyme reviews

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