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Hesi Pro-Line SuperVit

Hesi Pro-Line SuperVit


3 540.-Ft

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Product code: GRO2663 Manufacturer's website

Hesi Pro-Line SuperVit description

Hesi Pro-Line Supervit solution consists of minerals and trace elements. It can be used for any plants in any stage of life. These are essential for metabolism, and for building up enzymes, chlorophylls and hormones. With this product we can save a lot of energy for our plants that they can use up for growing and flowering. It also helps in enhancing the resilience of our plants, lowering the chances for diseases.
It boosts the flowering period, making yield bigger and nicer. It also boosts metabolism, shortening the growth period.

Pro-Line Supervit dosage: mix it with the irrigation water or the foliage spray. Very economic! Only 1 drop / 4.5L water.

Advantages of using Hesi Pro-Line SuperVit:

  • enhances immunity of the plants
  • economic
  • can be used in any life stage
  • helps rooting, growth and flowering

Inorganic secondary nutrient containing magnesium sulfate solution

NPK 0-0-0 + (5MgO,10SO3)

Secondary nutrient content:
Magnesium-oxide (MgO) water solution……. 5%
Sulfur-trioxide (SO3) water solution………….10%

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