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Hesi Pro-Line Root

Hesi Pro-Line Root


6 480.-Ft

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Product code: GRO2609

Hesi Pro-Line Root description

Like a shot from the doctor, Hesi Pro-Line Root helps heal failing plants, ideal for combating the stress of repotting and clone cutting. 


Also ideal for clones and young plants, Pro-Line Root provides an optimal start for developing a strong root system and sturdier, thicker stems. A few days before taking plant cuttings, add Pro-Line Root to the mother plant to not only keep her healthy, but to insure the clones have already ingested it and are ready to take root as quickly as possible.


A great seedling grower complex, this product boosts photosinthesis and strengthens the plant.


Pro-Line Root works well in hydroponics, soil, and soilless gardening! It has a neutral pH and EC level - All trace elements are stabilized in organic complexes so that they are readily available at all pH values.


Application Rate:
Normal Use: 40 ml nutrient solution per 10 Liter water
Mother Plants: 20 ml nutrient solution per 10 Liter water


Inorganic magnesium sulphate solution (5 mg + 10 SO3), enriched with micronutrients for horticultural use.


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