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Clonex rooting gel (Hydrodynamics)

Clonex rooting gel (Hydrodynamics)

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Clonex rooting gel (Hydrodynamics) description

Clonex Rooting Gel (Hydrodynamics) is a high-performance, water-based rooting gel. It helps the development of root cells, contains the right vitamins and minerals. It can be used for cutting and pruning shoots because it allows fast cell division. It allows a large amount of nutrient uptake, thus stimulating growth and also protects fresh root hairs (unlike liquid and powdered agents, the gel stays in constant contact with the shoot).


  1. Pour Clonex Rooting Gel into a bowl.
  2. Carefully prune the shoot to be planted (ideally 5 to 15 cm long).
  3. Dip the shoot into the gel (to a depth of 10 - 15 mm).
  4. Place in planting medium (seed-mix, jiffy disk, coconut, rock wool, peat disk ...).
  5. In the following days, keep the shoot in a warm and humid place, e.g. propagator (ideal 24 - 26 oC, 60 - 80% relative humidity).
  6. Watch your shoots, you can expect them to develop in 1-2 weeks.

You can use Clonex Rooting Gel for all kinds of plant shoots, including woody, herbaceous and flowering ornamental varieties, vegetables, fruit trees and small fruits. Due to the incredibly rapid root development resulting from the use of the gel, it is also used successfully by successful growers and gardeners for successful and profitable plant propagation.

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