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Dryer Growbox Set
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Dryer Growbox Set

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Product code: GYSZ0021

Dryer Growbox Set description

What could you possible need for growing plants indoor? We’ll answer it for you, all you need is this amazing grow kit. It is small, compact and chock full of all the basic necessities you really need in a growing kit.

  • Secret Jardin tent with a completely reflective interior to maximize light usage inside the tent and help plants absorb light from all possible angles
  • A Can Lite carbon filter with activated carbon, to be used with an extractor kit. They serve by ventilating the place and removing all the bad smells and horrible odors.
  • An 8 storey dryer net ensures plenty of dying capacity effortless

All in all, the perfect package to simply buy and start growing plants.

  • GRO2439 Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot (80x80x160)
  • GRO0826 Dryer Nets 55cm 8 stage
  • GRO0791 dehumidifier 250ml/day
  • GRO1080 150m3/h CAN LITE 125mm
  • GRO2182 Can Lite 100 connector
  • GRO2045 Vents TT 100 187m3/h
  • GRO2228 Cable 3x1 mm 2m + plug
  • GRO2378 3m alutube 102mm
  • GRO1109 Trimmer scissors

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