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Integra Boost moisture and vapor control bag

Integra Boost moisture and vapor control bag offer a safe, simple, effective solution to creating the balanced environment your favorite things need to stay at their best. Its use is ...

Metallised heat seal

The Metallised heat seal ensures that the product is kept fresh. It is light-resistant and heat-sealable: you can simply iron the end of the bag. Sizes 150mm x 250mm 300mm x 500mm 500mm ...

Smart CO2 developer bag

The Smart CO2 developer bag produces carbon dioxide for your plants, which can speed up the growth rate of your plants. This allows the crop to ripen faster, improving its taste, color and yield. The ...

4 790.-Ft
Small Premium Trimmer Scissors

The premium trimmer scissors are compact in size, with ergonomic grips and extra sharp steel grips. The aforementioned knives bend back to their original position, thereby also contributing ...

1 500.-Ft
Integra Boost terpene essentials

Integra Boost terpene essentials is a plant-based, two-way humidity regulator that contains plant-derived terpene isolates. Main features Sufficient for 1 kg of product 100% ...

2 290.-Ft
Duct Tape PVC White 50mm

Duct tape or duck tape is cloth- or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape often coated with polyethylene. There are a variety of constructions using different backings and adhesives. One ...

Aluminium Tape (width: 50 mm)

The Aluminium Tape (width: 50 mm) is made of aluminum and PET film with an extra protective layer. Can be used as protection and sealing against external influences. Airtight, UV-resistant ...

1 200.-Ft

Ideal for fruit, or other parts of plants correct drying.

7 030.-Ft
Insect catcher sheets

The Insect catcher sheets stick on both sides and are provided with a very user-friendly adhesive. Strong adhesive that holds trapped insects very well, but does not stick to fingers. The adhesive ...

3 280.-Ft
Hand sprayer 1l

One-liter plastic hand sprayer. Evenly sprinkle and distribute the broth or pesticides. Can be used for direct irrigation.

Precision Trimming Scissors

  Stainless Steel Scissors was designed to help reduce pain in your hands during long sessions so that you feel good. Rubber grips keep them secure and tight in your ...

1 950.-Ft
Duct Tape Grey

Duct tape or duck tape is cloth- or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape often coated with polyethylene. There are a variety of constructions using different backings and adhesives. One variation is ...

1 200.-Ft
Ona fabric fiber adhesive tape 50 mm

Ona fabric fiber adhesive tape 50 mm is a versatile and robust fabric tape with high adhesion for outdoor and indoor use. It withstands temperatures between -5°C and 60°C and is also ...

2 990.-Ft
Owlsen Optipro grow glasses

The Owlsen Optipro grow glasses protect the eyes and, thanks to its technology, provide a better view of the indoor growing area. It has a bluish color, which has the function of canceling out the ...

7 490.-Ft
Trimming bag

The Trimming bag makes quick work and leaves a perfectly intact, leaf-free final product. Size with zipper and folded 54 x 14 cm, and extended and opened 54 x 50 cm. Main features easy to ...

64 990.-Ft
Secret Jardin DRYIT hanging drying net (45 cm, 80 cm)

Secret Jardin DRYIT drying net (Ø45 cm, Ø80 cm) single-layer or multi-level, expandable drying net, which can fit even the smallest places. Due to its small diameter, it can fit in even ...

2 950.-Ft
Headlamp With 8 Leds

A headlight with 8 led bulbs in it. Its exceptional usefulness is that it projects a light spectrum that can not be absorbed by the plants. This means that we can do our indoor gardening tasks ...

1 990.-Ft
Secret Jardin Webit Plant Support Web

The Secret Jardin Webit Plant Support Web supports the plants in the middle of the tent without sagging. To make installation easier, each corner is equipped with a hook and a rubber band for greater ...

1 200.-Ft
Cultibox ScrOG net 80-100-120

  For those who might not be familiar, the term "ScrOG" (Screen of Green) refers to a plant growing technique that uses a net or wire mesh to control the height of the ...

2 490.-Ft
Neptune Hydroponics Mist Maker

Input: 110V/24V AC; Misting disk size: 20mm Quality ultrasonic fogger set with 110V/24V adaptor. CE. UL. CUL. GS. CSA. listed. Fogger head size 1.5" diameter x 1.75" height. Great for ...

11 010.-Ft
Secret shaker

The Secret shaker is a simple and cost-effective way to prepare dry extractions. Its internal sieve separates the resin glands from the plant material, depositing a fine layer of resin on the lower ...

3 990.-Ft
Electronic Trimmer Table

The table trimmer is one of the best electric Harvest machine on the market for its quality value for money. Save you time and effort with this handy work tool. It is very easy to use. Simply bring ...

159 990.-Ft
Green Force Extracting bubble bags

Purple bag:  25 micron Yellow bag: 73 micron Orange bag: 120 micron Red bag: 160 micron Blue bag: 220 micron Comes with black carry bag and pressing ...

14 990.-Ft
Pump spray 2l

Two liter pump spray. Ideal for scattered or direct irrigation of small plantations, or nutrient solution-, herbicides-, and insecticide treatment.

3 070.-Ft
Pump spray 5l

Five liters pumping spray with an internal pump. The package also includes a safety valve, adjustable nozzle and carry strap. Ideal for scattered or direct irrigation of small plantations, or for ...

6 570.-Ft
Master Products Clean

Master Products Clean is 100% pure isopropyl alcohol. Excellent help for cleaning stuck resin, even in machines and bongs.

4 490.-Ft
Secret Box Extractor with dimmable motor

The Secret Box Extractor with dimmable motor is a compact machine for sieving resin glands from a plant and making a high quality dry product. It consists of a plastic box and a sieve drum into which ...

88 900.-Ft
Babylon Catalogue 2013

Babylon Retail and Wholesale Catalogue /2013/ The catalogue its free if you buy from Babylon webshop.

Exhale CO2 Bag

The Exhale CO2 bag cultivates carbon dioxide 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive production units. Maintenance Free: No heat, No electricity, Just CO2. How They ...

9 990.-Ft
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