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Canna Aktrivator - powder

Canna Aktrivator - powder

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Canna Aktrivator - powder description

Advantages of CANNA AkTRIvator:

  • Strong and vital plants. AkTRIvator stimulates the plants and increases the root environment. This results in a better root development, more root hairs and increased excretion of enzymes and hormones. As a result the plant gains more vitality and develops much better.

  • Less chance of diseases. The so-called TRI 002 granules in CANNA AkTRIvator have a positive effect on the production and the growth of the plant because they colonise the mould around the root system. They must be mixed with soil and provide for a strong and balanced growth of the mould. As a result of this, the development of other negative moulds and micro-organisms is greatly reduced.

  • Balanced soil. CANNA AkTRIvator suppresses micro-organisms and therefore has a positive effect on the balance between soil organisms.

Canna Aktrivator - powder reviews

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