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Grow Light Bulbs Hps - Mh - Agro

If you are going to grow plants inside hydroponically, in soil or other mediums, you will need a grow light.  A grow light mimics the light spectrum from the sun, essential for plant growth.
Plant growth falls into 2 key cycles - vegetative and flowering stages. For vegetative growth blue spectrum of light are ideal, and for flowering red/orange spectrums are required.

Easy guide to the right grow light for you:

  • MH are ideal for vegetative growth
  • HPS-TS grow lights are suited for flowering growth

AGRO bulbs have both blue and red/orange spectrums and are suited for both stage.

You can grow plants through both stages with either a MH or a HPS TS but results will not be optimum. The best way to grow is with a different bulb at each stage, a combination of lights, or choose a full spectrum bulb, such as the SONLIGHT AGRO.

Lumatek MH bulb

Lumatek MH (Metal Halide) grow lamp for vegetative plant stage. Metal halide lamp comprising of a quartz arc tube filled with high-pressure mercury, and a 3-band-mixture of metal halogens in a ...

7 810.-Ft
Agrolite MH bulb

250 watt metal halide Agrolite bulb, sfecificaly built for the growth. E-40 conection.    High capacity Metal halogenic bulb. Perfect for plants in vegetative phase or those ...

9 990.-Ft
Phytolite MH GROW 6400K

Phytolite MH Metal halide lamps are part of the high-intensity discharge (HID) kind of grow lights.  They produce high light output, with a reasonable consumption of energy. MH ...

9 990.-Ft
Sunmaster Cool Deluxe MH Bulb

This metal halide lamp with has become very popular for grow rooms and propagation due to its high efficiency. The blue/white spectrum stimulates root growth and strengthens the ...

14 500.-Ft
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