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Grow Light Bulbs Hps - Mh - Agro

If you are going to grow plants inside hydroponically, in soil or other mediums, you will need a grow light.  A grow light mimics the light spectrum from the sun, essential for plant growth.
Plant growth falls into 2 key cycles - vegetative and flowering stages. For vegetative growth blue spectrum of light are ideal, and for flowering red/orange spectrums are required.

Easy guide to the right grow light for you:

  • MH are ideal for vegetative growth
  • HPS-TS grow lights are suited for flowering growth

AGRO bulbs have both blue and red/orange spectrums and are suited for both stage.

You can grow plants through both stages with either a MH or a HPS TS but results will not be optimum. The best way to grow is with a different bulb at each stage, a combination of lights.

Sylvania Grolux HPS

Sylvania Grolux HPS Patented arc tube delivers highest photosynthetic efficiency of any lamp in the world. Performance maintained at an exceptional level due to improved structure of outer bulb. ...

6 990.-Ft
Sylvania SHP-T GroXpress HPS lamp

Sylvania’s new GroXpressis an ideal solution for small and medium scale greenhouses and domestic plant growth facilities for flowering plants and vegetables. It also provides an opportunity for ...

5 490.-Ft
Philips SON-T PIA Green Power 2000K

Greenpower lamps are ideal for flowering light. Master Son-T pia Greenpower lamps have the highest amount of growth light per Watt (PAR). It is the most efficient SON lamp with the best ...

9 990.-Ft
Sylvania SHP-TS Lamp

SHP - (T)S Super is a range of high pressure sodium products offering the unique combination of very high efficiency and long life. The SHP-TS lamps offer extremely good value for ...

3 790.-Ft
Osram Plantastar HPS

  Average lifetime: 12,000 h Provides light for the photosynthesis in plants Photon flux: > 90 % after 12,000 h High-pressure sodium lamp especially for greenhouse ...

9 890.-Ft
Lumatek HPS Agro Lamp

The Lumatek Dual Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp has been designed to provide the very best in horticultural lighting. Lumatek's high-par output lamps provide exceptional performance on both magnetic and ...

8 610.-Ft
Osram NAV-T Super 4Y

Lamp survival factor: 95 % after 16,000 h burning time Average lifetime: up to 36,000 h Lamp maintenance factor: ≥ 80 % after 16,000 h burning time (according to DIN 13201) Service ...

8 490.-Ft
Sylvania SHP-T HPS bulb 1000W V2 E40 sodium lamp

PRODUCT FEATURES - High pressure Sodium Lamp with High Lumen output, - Long life (30,000hrs), - Strong performance and High ...

26 990.-Ft
Philips Son-T Pia Plus HPS 2000K

Philips Son-T-Plus Sodium Lamps are extremely high quality sodium bulbs that produce slightly more lumens than standard models and last much better than the competition. On average son-t-plus ...

7 990.-Ft
Sylvania SHP-T Basic Plus 150 W lamp

  Featuring an exclusive ‘frameless’ construction for improved reliability with fewer early failures, this lamp provides a large wattage range with clear tubular outer ...

3 490.-Ft
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