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Gnat Off

Gnat Off

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Gnat Off description

Fungus gnats are a very common grow room pest whose larvae can cause large amounts of damage as they devour the roots of your precious plants. This affects the ability of your plants to effectively take in enough nutrients and water and as a result plant health and growth are both heavily affected. Fungus Gnat Off contains a range of all natural ingredients which prevent the larvae from feeding, thus eradicating your problem. Availible in a 250ml bottle, with the option of a sprayer bottle.

Add at 1ml per litre to your nutrient solution until infestation is eradicated. One bottle will treat 250 Litres of nutrient solution.

Fungus Gnat Off is HI POTENCY LARVICIDE FOR BLACKFLY CONTROL. An all-new natural product for the Hydroponic industry and growers in general, Fungus Gnat Off is a safe, non toxic means to eliminate Fungus Gnat infestations.

Fungus Gnat Off is made using natural organic plant extracts that are suspended in a naturally derived liquid.
This product is suitable for use in organic cultivation.

Fungus gnats or black fly can cause damage both directly and indirectly. Direct damage results when the larvae produced nestle within the root system where they devour the roots of the plant. When the root system is eroded in this manner, the plant has difficulty taking up water and minerals, resulting in the roots/plant dying off. Indirect damage occurs by the larvae spreading mites, nematoades, viruses and various fungi. Young plants are particularly susceptible.

Fungus Gnat Off contains the bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis, which produces a toxin that prevents the larvae from feeding. This results in their death and subsequently eradicating the problem.

Fungus Gnat Off is....

  • • Highly effective against Fungus Gnat infestations.
  • • Non Toxic
  • • Fast Acting
  • • Safe to Use
  • • No harvest interval

How do I use it?
• Fungus Gnat Off is safe to use in all situations,
including garden, home, greenhouse and conservatory.

• This 100% natural organic concentrate is diluted to mix into your nutrient tank or watering can to use as a soil drench at the rate of 1ml per litre. Lavicidal action is expected within 24 hours. Reapply as needed until all the larvae are eliminated.

Always use sticky fly traps in your growing area to catch inbound pests, this enables you to assess what pest
problem you have and treat them at an early stage.

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