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Bio Nova X-ceL Booster

X-ceL Booster is a biological growing and flowering stimulator, which can be administered to all sorts of plants and significantly increases the quantity and quality of all tested crops. This ...

4 490.-Ft
Bio Nova TML-The Missing Link

This premium product from Bio Nova laboratory, protects plants from damaging external influences, it stimulates the plant’s natural defence system and demonstrably increases the yield. The ...

7 810.-Ft
Bio Nova BioRoots

A great number of extensive research on root development and reinforcement done over a period of several years, show that the use of BioRoots leads to a larger root  activity and therefore ...

Bio Nova BN-Zym

BN-Zym is a natural bio-catalyst (process accelerator), medium builder and medium improver based on specific enzymes. Enzymes stimulate the water-retaining ability of every medium and decreases ...

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