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Urban Garden magnetic (Plug & Play) ballast

Urban Garden magnetic (Plug & Play) ballast


14 230.-Ft 11 099.-Ft

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Product code: GRO3221 Warranty: According to law, price band* User manual (magyar) User manual (english)

Urban Garden magnetic (Plug & Play) ballast description

Installation: Remove unit from packaging. Mount on a flat, heat-resistant and stable surface (can also be wall mounted). Do not cover the unit – this includes with other units. Always keep ventilation slots clear of obstruction and leave a gap of at least 5 cm in all directions around the unit. Use a suitable socket outlet and ensure it is turned off before you plug in your device. Ensure before connection that lamps and reflectors are compatible. Lamps and reflectors must: a) have any packaging or protective covering removed before installation; b) be installed as per their correct instructions; c) be wiped with a clean dry cloth before use to clear any smudges such as fingerprints (lamps).

  Urban Garden 150W HPS trafó Urban Garden 250W HPS  trafó
Voltage 220V/230V 50Hz 220V/230V 50Hz
Input V220.7 220.7 220.5
Input A 0.70 1.32
Input wattage 178 297
Input PF 0.938 0.945
Lamp V 93 100
Lamp A 1.78 2.95
Output Wattage 152 255
Output PF 0.955 0.950
Ignitor CD-2 CD-2
Capacitor 18uF 32uF


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