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Green Force Digital Dimmer Ballast

Green Force Digital Dimmer Ballast


29 990.-Ft

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Green Force Digital Dimmer Ballast description

This dimmable digital ballast from Green Force is the best on the market by value and quality!

Made of quality materials and being very light weight, this is a very well reliable ballast. Thanks to its quick ignition and warm-up, the bulb will work at 100% after no longer than 5 minutes.

 The output of the Green Force is digitally controllable, so the same ballast can be used with different Wattage bulbs: 250W, 400W, 600W. The 600W bulb can be turned up to 660W to get some extra lumen out of it! There is simply one knob on the appliance to do this.

The Green Force digital ballast has passive cooling system. The deep aluminum heatsinks work effectively on the low heat that this ballast emits, and there is no fear of the ventilation breaking down. Lifetime thus can be expected to be much longer. Above this, the passively cooled ballast is considerably quieter than other ballasts.

Advantages of Green Force digital ballast:

  • Dimmable (250W, 400W, 600W)
  • Super lumen function (660W)
  • For HPS and MH bulbs alike
  • Passive cooling
  • Long lifetime
  • Reliable!
  • Ultra light
  • Quality aluminum casing


Works on 240V network Voltage.


Rated Output Power

Maximum Input Amperage

Rated Input Amperage






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